Because your game deserves the best!

Temecula Creek Inn Golf School is just north of San Diego, operates at the fabulous Temecula Creek Inn in the heart of Temecula Valley, Southern California Wine Country. Golfers of all abilities enjoy a great learning experience both at the range and on-course.

Whatever your current level of golf is you will improve! With the help of an outstanding team of instructors you'll learn to simplify the golf swing, resulting in more productive practice sessions at the range and more consistency in your shot making on the course.

How we do it:

Beginning with a video evaluation of your current golf swing, your instructor will coach you through the process of replacing flawed swing components with correct ones. Through a supervised series of repetitions, continuing video evaluation and a personal practice routine, you will develop a "feel" for the correct components.

V1 Golf allows you to view, analyze, and diagnose the faults with your swing simply and precisely. All the uncertainty is removed when you see your swing compared to a PGA professional. Designed specifically for golfers seeking game improvement, V1 Golf allows you to capture your golf swing on video, compare it with professional models and analyze it using simple-to-use drawing tools.

What the Pros are Saying about V1 Swing Analysis Software:

"I have always used technology as an integral part of my teaching program. The V1 system gives me the best tools and technology to use with all my students, both tour players and amateurs."
David Leadbetter

"The V1 technology takes the guesswork out of golf instruction. Often it's just a minor thing with their stroke, but we can correct it with the V1 system even when my student is half a world away."
Claude Harmon III

"I recommend the V1 Digital Coaching System to all of my students. I use the V1 Pro version on the course and send students their lesson via the Internet. It helps with both my tour players and amateur students."
Dr.Jim Suttie 2000 PGA Teacher of the Year

"I have relied on innovative technology to benefit my teaching style and to help my students improve. Using the V1 technology for golfers of all levels has enabled me to instruct at the highest level."
Mike McGetrick 1999 PGA Teacher of the Year