Your Instructor [Troy Gaston, PGA]

When it comes to golf instruction, only trust the best!

PGA Director of Golf Instruction ,Troy Gaston

Experienced PGA Class A Professional who has taught thousands of successful lessons from new players to experienced tournament players.

  • Proven Results - A PGA Professional with over a decade of successful teaching experience with thousands of pleased students, from experienced tournament players looking to brush up on their game to beginners who want to start out right.

  • Fun - Friendly teaching style that makes the game interesting and keeps you looking forward to the next lesson.

  • Personalized - Lessons individually tailored to your needs and style.

As a PGA Professional and Teaching Professional, I am committed to helping the student achieve a greater enjoyment of the game. It is my responsibility, as an instructor, to ensure that every student attain the knowledge and skill level that they are capable. In order to achieve the best results, I use an assortment of tools and techniques because not all students learn the same way. Educating the student on the how's and why's and not just the do's and don'ts is also fundamental to my philosophy. Whether I am working with a novice just being introduced to the game, or someone training for high level tournament play, my experience, knowledge and techniques can help any student realize his/her golfing goals.

Communication between the student and the instructor is essential. In as much as the student needs to feel at ease and give feedback to the instructor, I need to assess the abilities and capabilities of each student individually and teach the student in a way he/she will understand. People learn new tasks differently and because of that, there are three forms of teaching I use in every lesson: HEAR IT, SEE IT, FEEL IT. I first talk through the new technique that is being taught, giving the student of what their hand, arm and body positions should be and the philosophy of why. Next, I demonstrate the technique as I, again, talk through the positioning of my hands, arms and body. Lastly, I help the student get into the correct position, and "move" them through the golf swing as I talk them through the positioning of their hands, arms and body. The fastest way to improve the golf swing is to stimulate the student's auditory, visual and kinesthetic senses.

Tools, such as a digital computer video is used to help enhance the learning experience. What you "feel" like you are doing often is not the case once viewed on computer video. "Feel and real" must be the same to play consistent golf.

Swing development or change requires practice along with professional guidance to keep you on the path to better golf. Practicing correctly with prescribed swing drills will help ensure this is accomplished. Practice creates repetition and repetition brings about change.

I believe there is no one particular way to swing a golf club. Strength, flexibility, body type, and athletic ability, along with determination and desire, are important components that will allow you to become the best golfer you can be. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.