The Mental Approach to Golf
Mental Coaching is quite simply a casual session of discussing your thinking process.

Relish the challenge of missing greens! - Watch some of the best players in the world as they continue to score despite not having their "A" ball striking game. Today's best short game players love the opportunity to get the ball up and down. The bad shots causing a missed green are gone, therefore he wastes no time fretting about them. Instead he is relishing the challenge of turning three shots into two. First step in improving your short game is improving your attitude about it.


Build confidence in the sand! - watch the best players in the world hit effective bunker shots. Imagine that you are Tom Kite, Gary Player, or Phil Mickelson in the bunker! Believe in yourself to produce good quality shots. See, Say, Feel your way to effective bunker shots. See the club and the effective bounce enter into the sand, Say to yourself "Skim" to blast the ball out of the bunker, Feel the bounce of the club hit the ground on a practice swing.


Call yourself a type of golfer and you will be one. To be successful in golf you must first visualize yourself something that you desire. If you desire a particular ball flight you must see if before you can achieve it. The great Jack Nicklaus always stated that he hit every shot twice…once in his mind and the second with his body. Regardless of the type golf shot that you are trying to avoid, accentuate the positives of the shot that you are trying to accomplish.


Make your mind up! As with life, if you are indecisive about your decisions it will ultimately show up in your performance. In golf, this sediment is 100% accurate. If your between the easy 7 or hard 8 make a decision with conviction and stick with it, chances are that it will work out. Once you are over the ball you must be committed to the shot, your decision, and the desired outcome.


When worrying about your score two things are inevitable. One is to play overly aggressive and try to accomplish shots that you would not normally attempt. Two, play incredibly cautious. Here are some simple tips for you to enjoy golf and keep your mind of the scorecard and the process of playing. o Build confidence in your putting stroke, and practice feel, accuracy and touch. Whenever approaching a new round work on those three aspects not your mechanics. o Grade your decision making process. Understand your percentages of executing the shot and play those percentages.o Keep your eyes above the flagstick - when walking and enjoying the smell of the flowers keep you head up. This has an immediate impact on your internal golf thoughts.o The precious present, enjoy the moment! Trying to not think about the past or thinking about the future is challenging. The best players are able to thrive in the current moment by focusing on the process of the present. Whether it is cleaning a club, spikes or aligning the line on the ball for a putt, the best players always focus on the shot at hand…nothing more, nothing less.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Only you can reach this level if you have put in the necessary time and commitment to a better golf game. Trust comes from honesty with oneself. You know that you have put in the time and effort to be successful, now it is up to you trust all that training and work. You train so that you have the opportunity to trust.


Relaxation is the key to successful golf shots. Look at all the best athletes regardless of sport they all perform at the best level when they are relaxed. A relaxed mind will eventually translate into relaxed muscles. Pure Golf Instruction believes in the value of a complete pre shot routine. This routine will be the catalyst to relaxed muscles and greater golf performance. The routine begins with a full motion practice swing. We believe in the value of an effective stress releasing routine.