On January 14, 2011 I arrived at my winter home in Temecula, California. I was looking forward to playing golf again as I'd had major shoulder surgery in May of 2010. I really hadn't been able to play any golf since October of 2009. I decided to start out on the range and give it a try. I seemed to be doing o.k. on the range and so I accepted an invitation to play a round in Palm Desert. What a mistake that was! I couldn't break a 100 and I hadn't shot over 100 for at least 12 years.

My USGA index had been running between 10.5 & 11.5. After I got another invite to play at a private country club, and being, stubborn, I decided to try it again. Results were only slightly better and another huge disappointment. Having taking lessons in the past I knew I desperately needed help.

I love playing at Temecula Creek Inn and after hearing nothing but good about PGA teaching professional Troy L. Gaston I phoned Troy and set up a lesson. I've taken quite a few lessons over the years, but what Troy showed me was amazing. I decided after Troy and I connected so well on the first lesson that I wanted and needed more lessons.

Our lessons are progressing great and I've taken away a fantastic amount of knowledge. I have been able to take his lessons to the course and modestly succeed. You ask am I still hitting bad shots. The answer is yes and always will. I have to honestly say though my good shots are the best I've hit since I started playing.

In closing I really want to thank Troy for his kindness, patience, friendship and tremendous knowledge of the game. Troy can help any man or woman who wants to improve their game. In closing, I'm only sorry that when I go back to my summer home, in Spokane Washington. I won't be able to go to Troy for further instruction. Maybe I'll have to fly back to Temecula if I hit some rough spots.

Thanks Troy!

~ Jack Ilenstine

I decided to take up the game of golf 8 months ago. I couldn't hardly hit the ball and when I did I would shank them right, I honestly didn't think I would ever be a decent golfer. I started working with Troy immediately on a regular basis, he gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to understand and work on my golf swing. He was very patient with me and was able to answer any questions I had. He was very good at explaining and stressing the important details of the golf swing and very honest with me. He told me how much work I would need to put in on my own. After the first lesson I was hitting the ball much better and was hooked. I have done everything he has told me to do and I am now a single digit handicap. People on the course are constantly complementing my swing on how great it looks and how I bomb them down the fairway.

Thanks Troy!!

~ Kyle T. Baker

I have been fortunate to work with Troy for a series of golf lessons. He was quick to identify & correct my areas of weakness. He is able to communicate in a way that anyone could understand, as well as execute what he is describing. He is genuinely concerned with my improvement and encourages me to continue practicing and not give up. I would recommend Troy to anyone who is simply beginning golf or just needing someone to correct certain specifics. He is dedicated to golf and an asset to the PGA profession.

~ Jayne Sutter

I wholeheartedly recommend Troy Gaston, as a PGA Certified Golf Instructor. I grew up playing Baseball and Basketball and did very well at those disciplines. Golf was not a very popular sport at the time and has always been somewhat of a mysterious game to me.

Troy has been able to communicate clearly and patiently an understanding of how the golf swing functions correctly. I am now gaining confidence and drawing the ball for the first time in my life! That's pretty good for a "serial" slicer!

While on the course I am now able to assess the flight of my ball and make corrections if needed. I used to think if I changed my clubs, my ball or use the latest gadgets, that it would help my game. All of that time and money was spent in vain. The key to a better golf game is an excellent instructor; Troy Gaston is just that.

~ Jay Neu